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Wednesday, 21 April 2010 23:30

[WEB] Leitor de Códigos de Barras Online

Online Bar Code Reader - Nunca se sabe quando pode dar jeito...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010 23:23

[PPC] Pocket PC Geocaching Tools

Pocket PC Geocaching Tools
Licença: Freeware
Link: andreasgreifeneder.com

- HTML Startpage: The page, that will be displayed if you click on the home icon in the HTML viewer.
- Images Path: Set the path to the GSAK "grabbed images".
- Spoiler Path: Set the path to the spoiler directory.
- Place Search Path: Set the path to the place name databases.
- Use Opera Reg-Hack: If you have the problem, that the cache descriptions are opened in Opera instead in the internal viewer of the Tools then activate this setting, to change the default browser to IE. This setting affects the system only, as long as the Tools are running. Afterwards Opera is set as default browser again. Use at your own risk!
- Use Grabbed Images: Activate this setting, the the "grabbed images" are really used.
- Open last DB on start: The last used database is automatically reopened on starting the tools. The starting then takes longer, but you don't have to open the last database manually.
- Use hardware buttons: Activate the hardware buttons for the Counter.
- Units : Use metric or imperial units
- Autosave: Saves all text fields every x minutes.


Wednesday, 21 April 2010 23:21

[PC] [MAC] GPXFilter

GPXFilter - Juntar diferentes ficheiros GPX e exportar usando determinados filtros

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