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09 July 2014 Written by  André Caiado

Edição Especial - Colecção de Cromos by pika7

Nick: Love


Annie has been Geocaching since 2004.

Annie started at Groundspeak in 2007 when she asked me for a job.

Annie enjoys combining photography, geocaching and exploring the outdoors.

Although she hasn't logged them all yet, she has found about 150+ geocaches in Portugal.

Annie is a big soccer (futebol) fan and really likes Fredy Montero.

Annie is a very welcoming person always with a smile ready: it's very easy to feel comfortable in her presence because she readily accepts people for who they are. Annie is a social mover-and-shaker: always organizing outings, parties, hikes, random events like a bonfire at sunset, etc.  She has traveled widely and always has a worldly outlook.  She is wonderful to work with annd we are lucky to have her with us at Geocaching HQ.  


Bryan Roth


  • Comment Link Paulo
Hercules 13 July 2014 paulohercules

    I Love this game!

  • Comment Link vsergio 11 July 2014 vsergio

    que ranhosice é esta? nem créditos da foto nem nada?

  • Comment Link FloraCardoso 09 July 2014 Lusitana Paixão

    Woaw! Também tenho este Cromo raro na minha colecção pessoal :) Bem visto, Pika! Nice!

  • Comment Link prodrive 09 July 2014 prodrive

    Love it!

  • Comment Link PedroAmorim 09 July 2014 pedroclagartos

    Adorei... especialmente a parte do Fredy Montero...

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