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Évora by Paisagista

Évora is a town in the interior of Portugal. It has a well-preserved old town centre, still partially enclosed by medieval walls, and a large number of monuments dating from various historical periods, including a Roman Temple, Évora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Caches within walking distance of the centre:

(tradicional-) Praça do Giraldo
This is a stealth requiring micro at the main square.

(tradicional-) Capela dos Ossos
The 'Bones Chapel' is litterally built with the bones of the monks...

(multi-) Largo da Porta de Moura
Here you visit one of the many marble fountains and take a lettle walk to the final location.

(multi-) Templo e Jardim de Diana
A fairly easy multicache that takes you to the Roman temple.

(unknown-) Universidade de Évora - Colégio do Espírito Santo
Here you are invited to visit the main buiding of the university, a former Jesuit cloister (a little homework is required).

(tradicional-) The sun watch of Margiochi
Take a stroll through the park and climb a little to get to this cache.

(tradicional-) Lusitani: Alentejo Central
This cache is hidden at the base of the Silver Water Aqueduct (Aqueduto da Água de Prata)

Caches that take a slightly longer hike:

(tradicional-) Moinho do Cu Torto
At the old windmill it is still possible to see the interior. The cache is tricky because there are always muggles about.

(multi-) Jardim da Memória
Here you are take on a walk through the 'Garden of Memory' (in remembrance of traffic casualties) and Álvaro Siza Vieira 's Malagueira housing project.

(earth-) Granitic Pegmatites
At the site of this earthcache you have a magnificent view of the city.

(tradicional-) Alto de S. Bento 2.0
If you walk down from the site of the earthcache you will find this cache, en route you can study the local flora. The information is written in Portuguese but you can see the pictures and their botanical names.

(multi-) Post Master
This multi cache can be found after solving 5 mystery-caches spread around Évora. It requires quite a bit of homework. ;)

(tradicional-) Fonte do Arcediago / Arcediago's Fountain
There is a very pleasent walking trail along the aqueduct, this fountain can be found there.

Requiring transportation:

(tradicional-) Aerodromo de Evora
This is the plane spotters spot.

(tradicional-) Anta do Paço das Vinhas - Paço das Vinhas Dolmen
A dolmen

(tradicional-) Recinto Megalítico de Vale Maria do Meio
A cromlech

(tradicional-) Portela dos Mogos
Another cromlech

(multi-) Pela Pré-História do Alentejo - I
This multi takes you to the biggest dolmen on the Iberia peninsula and along some of the megalithic monuments to the biggest cromlech in the area. Absolutely worth a visit.

There are some more caches around Valverde but if you have the time, here is my favourite cache:
(multi-) Ribeira de Valverde e Barragem da Tourega
It took me some three hours to find it, since it has 6 intermediate points. Getting back to the car just cost me 35 minutes. (dif: 4 / Terr: 4)

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