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Algarve by Prodrive


(earth-) Pego do Inferno by ajsa & Golfinha (GC1XFFX)
A natural swiming pool under a beautiful waterfall. If you decide to visit this Earthcache, make sure you bring your swim suite, otherwise you’ll regret for life.

(multi-) Grutas da Salustreira [Loulé] by Compadrio Marafado (GC1NQJB)
This cache is very original and ends in a friendly cave you can easily explore. The views from the top of the hill are also priceless.

(tradicional-) Lagoa dos Salgados [Pêra] by Daraopedal (GC1NQEC)
This lagoon is one the portuguese natural wonders. Bring your binoculars to watch birds and some animals (non poison snakes also) in its natural habitat.

(tradicional-) Lake View (Odeleite - Castro Marim) by Alieri (GC1GBM8)
The landscape it’s quite wonderful. The contrast between the green and golden hills and the blue lake is really impressive. Make sure you bring your camera with you.

(multi-) Pandora's Box #2 by espargosas (GC192D7)
Oh well, this is not really a true nature cache although it ends in a beautiful piece of the country side of Odiaxere. This is a cache that you can’t miss if you are into cleaver containers and puzzling caches. I’m sure you’ll not regret to look for this beauty.

(tradicional-) A Aldeia Abandonada do Funcho [Silves] by manchanegra (GC14VBW)
This cache brings you to a wonderful lost village nearby a dam with a beautiful landscape. Prepare yourself for a time travel and to imagine how impressive was living here.

(tradicional-) Salt, Sun and Flamingos [Castro Marim] by alieri (GC15GA3)
Beautiful stroll at the Sapal of Castro Marim. Nice chance to watch birds, specially flamingos, in its natural habitat. Make sure you bring your binoculars and camera.

(tradicional-) “Just another Spot” [Cordoama] by Walcarr & Friends (GC14EE5)
This cache is on the top of the cliff above the Cordoama beach, one of the best surf spots of the western Algarve coast. Beautiful landscape.

(multi-) Parque Ambiental [Vilamoura] by Torgut (GC13G32)
Inside the natural park of Vilamoura, this is another nice cache to watch birds and some wild life. Bring binoculars and some time to spend.

(multi-) Quinta do Lago [Loulé] by Torgut (GC10JPM)
Inside of the portuguese most famous turistic resorts, this cache brings you to a very beautiful natural spot where you can watch birds. Bring your binoculars.

(tradicional-) Alté lá baixo [Alte] by & Company e 2 Cotas (GCZ85M)
One of the most beautiful Algarve hidden treasures. A cozy waterfall you might not be able to discover if it wasn’t for Geocaching. Bring your swim suite.

(tradicional-) Escadinhas - Carvoeiro by matela & cabritomontez (GCWKCV)
Another wonderful hidden spot of our rugged coast, you can discover thanks to Geocaching. Impressive the mother nature's art work.

(tradicional-) Cerro do Guilhim [Faro] by Torgut (GCW68V)
One of the best Algarve’s natural belvedere where you can have one of the best perspectives of the sea, from the top of the hill. Bring your binoculars.

(tradicional-) Deep in the Algarve (Barragem/Dam de Odeleite) by NCarvalho (GCKCPB)
This cache brings you to a very beautiful spot in a small island in the middle of the lake’s dam. Most of the times you can drive in by car, but when the level of the water is too high, you should swim several meters. One way or another, bring your swim suite.


(tradicional-) Praia dos Beijinhos by Aziul (GC1Q4T3)
This is one of the most beautiful hidden cozy beaches in the heart of Algarve. Perfect, even in windy days.

(earth-) FF11 - Beach Temple by PTEROGEO (GC1G3R6)
Another beautiful beach at the western coast of Algarve. Be sure you bring your swim suite or you’ll regret for life.

(tradicional-) The Beach by global trekkers (GC1FNZ6)
Usually this is a desert beach, because the only access is by sea. If you are a good swimmer, you could easily reach it from the closest beach. Otherwise a life jacket or inflated kayak should be enough.

(unknown-) Down Under by kidloco (GC158JW)
This beach is a hidden treasure you shouldn’t miss. It’s almost a closed beach with a romantic natural limestone arch to the sea. Mother nature's architecture at its best.

(tradicional-) Zavial Beach [Vila do Bispo] by Jdmarques (GC15CGR)
Another beautiful beach at the southwestern corner of Portugal. Not very crowded, so you shouldn’t miss it.

(tradicional-) São Rafael [Albufeira] by Team Hulkman (GC155DB)
This is one of the top beaches at Algarve. Very beautiful indeed. The cache is on the cliffs, that brings you an amazing perspective of the beach.

(tradicional-) Armona [Olhão] by FamiliaSilvestre (GC14ZY4)
This cache is at one the islands of the Algarve. To get it, you should take one of the regular boats to the island. Pay attention to timetable. A huge piece of sand, just for you.

(tradicional-) Ilha do Farol [Culatra] by Copje (GC1TH59)
This cache is at another Algarve’s island, so you should take a regular boat to get you there. Pay attention to timetable. An incredible boat trip, and a huge beach just for you.

(tradicional-) Praia da Falésia [Vilamoura] by Prodrive (GC14JYA)
This is the most popular beach of the whole Algarve, usually frequented by VIP’s, artists, football players, politicians, and the all the portuguese social elite. The cache is at the top of the cliff, where you can have an amazing perspective above the beach.

(tradicional-) Seaside Paradise by kidloco (GC13J9M)
Another beautiful and popular beach that you shouldn’t miss it. Make sure you bring your swim suite.

(tradicional-) Isle of Faro [Faro] by Torgut (GC10M83)
Another cache in one of the Algarve’s islands, but to hit this one you don’t need to take a boat, because there’s a bridge, and you can reach the island by car. To get to the cache you should do a very nice walk along the beach.

(tradicional-) Albandeira [Lagoa] by 2 Cotas & Company & PPinheiro & Machanegra (GCZ84D)
Absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches in Algarve, usually seen at postcards and commercial spots promoting the Algarve region. Make sure you put this cache on your top priorities.

(tradicional-) Torstens Corner by zappelfry (GCVRYQ)
This is a hidden beach used by naturists. If you visit this cache during summertime make sure you are... erm... naked.


(tradicional-) Palácio de Estoi by noearcateam (GC1PNRZ)
Very beautiful old arabian palace transformed in a luxurious hotel. Although the cache is placed outside the hotel, try to visit it inside.

(tradicional-) A.I.A. - Autódromo Internacional do Algarve by Daraopedal (adopted by Copje) (GC1N4KZ)
This is the new Algarve track that might be host the F1 and GP1 championship. Nice opportunity to visit the facilities.

(multi-) Castelo de Silves by Daraopedal (GC1JMQZ)
One of the most important Algarve’s landmarks. Nice and easy multi-cache. Good opportunity to visit the castle.

(tradicional-) Sagres by Daraopedal (adopted by Copje) (GC1H3Z5)
The Sagres Fortress it’s a impressive landmark at the southwestern corner of Europe. You should put this cache at your top priorities.

(tradicional-) Farol de Alfanzina [Carvoeiro] by Alieri & Bringer (GC1F6RX)
One of the most beautiful lighthouses of the Algarve coastline. The cache is at the top of an impressive cliff. Pay attention to children.

(tradicional-) Igreja do Carmo [Faro] by hugo.jesus (GC1EBEQ)
One of the most beautiful churches of the region, that you should visit. A nice and easy urban cache.

(tradicional-) R.D.M.-Miradouro da N.Sra da Rocha [Armação Pêra] by VespaFriendsAlgarve (GC19MY1)
This is one of the most beautiful belvederes over the sea, in a very popular and busy beach. Try this one at night. Really romantic scenery.

(tradicional-) Castle [Tavira] by alieri (GC14FK2)
Another important landmark in one of the most beautiful cities of Algarve. Don’t forget to dinner at the restaurants close to the river. Priceless.

(tradicional-) The End of the World [Sagres] by funkymunkyzone (GC12CRJ)
This is the southwestern point of Europe, where the land meets the ocean. This is the return point, or swimming to Morocco or to the States.

(multi-) Stadium Algarve [Faro - Loule] by Torgut (GCZ9WE)
Here you can find one of the stadiums building just to the Euro 2004. Amazing architecture to this open air stadium. Unfortunately no teams playing in.

(tradicional-) Canto Inferior Direito by clcortez adopted by alieri (GCZ9N5)
This cache takes you to the southeastern corner of Portugal, where the Guadiana river meets the Atlantic Ocean. Of the other margin you can see Spanish town Ayamonte.

(tradicional-) Cache Marim by NFreitas e AnaFilipa (GCY2N3)
This cache takes you to another very important landmark, the Castro Marim’s Castle. Beautiful landscape also.

(tradicional-) Passagem para a liberdade [Vilamoura] by olharapo (GCPX7M)
This cache drops you into the Vilamoura’s Marina, the finnest portuguese port, where you can find the most impressive yatches. Huge boats and fancy people. You don’t want to miss a dinner at the marina and to drink a beer at “Se7e”, the Luis Figo’s bar.


(tradicional-) Leixão da Gaivota by TNT_Duck (GC1V8DF)
This cache takes you to a huge rock, 300 meters away from the beach. If you are a good swimmer, you can easily reach it without a float device. Otherwise an inflated boat or mattress should be enough. Bring some shoes because you have to climb some sharped rocks.

(unknown-) Gruta da Afurada by TNT_Duck (GC1V8CH)
To get this cache you need to swim 300 meters from the closest beach and then enter into a cave only available in the low tide. Don’t try to reach it during the high tide. It can be extremely dangerous. The waves will crush you against the rocks.

(tradicional-) Canhões do Barco dos Piratas by TNT_Duck (GC1VYMT)
This cache is hidden at 2 meters depth in the low tide. At the ground zero you’ll find also 3 old canyons sank. This is a really treasure hunt.

(multi-) Mareadouro da Escada by ShadowLord and BIGWIG-pt (GC1TA3D)
This is one of the hardest caches of the Algarve. Starting from the top of the cliff you have to go down twice. The path is not very easy and sometimes you need to use some ropes (already placed of the ground) to help your progression.

(earth-) The Secret of Limestone by road_runner & susi (GC1HVEE)
Absolutely one of the most exciting caches in the Algarve. Prepare yourself from some adrenaline. You have to walk in trail along the cliff. This is not kid friendly!

(tradicional-) O Segredo da Gruta da Caveira by Bringer Sparrow & Alieri Turner (GC1F66R)
To get this cache the better way is in a kayak starting from the closest beach. It’s about 400 meters. The entrance of the cave is a wonderful tunnel with 100 meters. Be very careful to avoid the waves crushing you against the rock. This is the real Pirates Treasure Hunt.

(tradicional-) The Cave by global trekkers (GC1EFM0)
This is one of the most beautiful caves you’ll find in the Algarve coastline. You can easily reach it swimming 120 meters from the closest beach. Another top priority cache.

(tradicional-) H2Olha uma cache [Albufeira] by BrunoNF (GCX596)
Another diving cache 150 meters away from the beach hidden 5 meters depth in the high tide, and 3 meters depth in the low tide. Very beautiful experience.

(tradicional-) The Nest of Jonathan Livingston Seagul by GreenShades (GCED51)
This is the mother of all Portuguese caches. The most exciting and complete cache. You have to struggle with your fears if you are afraid of heights.



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