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13 Mar Written by 

Faz Hoje… anos Um Poço de Mistério

Unknown Cache Um poço de Mistério by #arny, Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, distrito de Lisboa

GPS candidata (Lisboa/2005)


A resposta a um simples quiz (http://www.vividus.pt/misterio.htm) dá acesso iniciático a esta cache.

E é assim que se tratam bem os turistas...

November 5, 2010 by Ladybug Kids
All day long, Prodrive kept telling me a visit La Quinta de Regaleira would be the high point of the day and he spoke the truth! Cache or no cache, this man-made wonderland is a must visit location for visitors to the Sintra area. There were so many things to see, it took Prodrive and me a while to even get started with the cache search, but once we began, there was no turning back.

Into the first tunnel we went, up some stairs, and ...well, now, you'll just have so solve the rest of the mystery for yourself.  We missed a turn somewhere along the way and reemerged into the daylight, but figured out our error and got back onto the right track. Close to ground zero, Prodrive took one for the team and descended the final three meters to find the cache while I kept our GPS, cell phones, and other electronics safe. I CITOed out a wet map that must have been left by a previous cacher. We wrapped up our visit with a tour of the house which had lots of interesting features.

Thank you so much for bringing me to Sintra, La Quinta de Regalereira, and then taking me to an area that very few people will ever visit. Thanks, too, for the cache!

November 5, 2010 by prodrive

I took the day off, and had the opportunity to look for some new caches in the area, together with Mike from Ladaybug Kids, a fellow Geocacher from Alaska (United States).
This was one of the first puzzles I solved when we start geocaching in 2006. We were here once, but without the sheet with the clues, having just an idea where the cache should be, we had no luck. At that time we found nearby a black bag, that we thought it might be part of the cache.
A few years after I'm comming back to show Regaleira to Mike, and this time with the clues sheet printed it was a completely different speech .
Regaleira is one of the most amazing treasures of our Sintra heritage.
The wells and the tunnels are the pièce de restistance nobody should miss.
To get the cache and to sign the log-book, was a little and intense adventure. The ground was a little wet, and instead of dirt we got some mud. Crawling to the cache was a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Mike choose me for the job . It was very cool, but to crawl away from the cave was not so easy, because the mud was to slippery, so I had to drop some blood and sweat to release me from the hole.
At the end it was an amazing adventure, and I'm feeling very happy I shared it with Mike. No doubt one of the highlights of the day.
It was a good sensation to find this so much wanted cache, after all those years. Thank you very much for keeping this cache active, although it's no longer a yellow container. The hint should change to white container with a brown top. TFTC. TNLN.

Team Prodrive

A preocupação do Bargão Henriques com o aumento quase exponencial do número de caches. Afinal por altura da data em que ele fez o comentário já estávamos quase com 300 caches...

March 14, 2005 by Bargao_Henriques
Ainda não fui à cache, mas adorei encontrar as coordenadas!!! 
Há uns tempos falava-se acerca do facto de, recentemente, estar a surgir um grande número de caches em portugal e que este aumento quase exponencial poderia não corresponder a qualidade...
Bem, depois desta cache, só me resta dizer que...
Muitos parabéns pelo trabalho!

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